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Head of Product Development

Global design & development leader

Former Senior Product Manager at Appian

Former Consultant to multiple international investment banks

Passionate advocate for client experience

Bachelor in Systems Engineering & Financial Engineering
from the University of Pennsylvania

Sunset Over Manhattan


A decade spent at the crossroads of consulting and technology fuels Lizzie's passion for solving client problems. Lizzie's career has always focused on client success. From finance to healthcare, she thrives on building solutions that make a difference.

She spearheaded financial services product delivery at Appian, has lead international teams and oversaw mission-critical applications for onboarding, KYC, and client servicing. Lizzie's passion for client satisfaction and her keen eye for innovation fueled her transition from low-code developer to Senior Product Manager, where she honed her expertise in solving complex challenges within the financial industry. 

Prior to working at Appian, Lizzie spent several years working for Booz Allen Hamilton as an IT Senior Consultant supporting large digital transformation project at the VA.

When Lizzie isn’t with her colleagues and clients at Inveztor, you might find her travelling to see family and friends in New York, playing tennis or enjoying a good crossword puzzle.


Lizzie joined Inveztor at a pivotal moment, just as the company's innovative platform began gaining traction within Debt Capital Markets. Her deep expertise in financial services product development proved invaluable to the delivery of solutions of the bond and escrow functionality.

As a Product Development specialist, she leverages her skills and experience to understand client pain points and deliver solutions that address their needs. Lizzie's unwavering focus on client satisfaction has been instrumental in Inveztor's success. Her leadership has fostered a culture of client-centricity, ensuring the platform continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of the market. This dedication has resulted in a loyal client base and the successful processing of over €1 billion in transactions through Inveztor's infrastructure.​

Beyond her internal contributions, Lizzie has become a trusted advisor and relationship manager to Inveztor's growing client base. Her ability to translate complex functionality into tangible business benefits has earned her the respect and admiration of industry leaders.

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