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Digital Capital Markets

The Software as a Service platform that is designed for Agents and built by the market. Law firms, arrangers & issuers use Inveztor to work with Agents to create and manage digital Escrows and Bonds within Debt Capital Markets.

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Seamless integration of Legal and Financial Technology

The platform streamlines contract negotiation and automates financial transactions. It enables our clients to foster trust, reduce counterparty risk, and enhance efficiency in capital market transactions, ultimately revolutionising the way deals are executed. We believe that digital collaboration is the future of legal contracts, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation.


We've developed a streamlined process for digital collaboration on legal contracts, allowing our customers to easily work with their legal teams, advisors, and internal teams throughout the creation, review, and signing process.

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Our platform provides real-time updates, version control, track changes and commenting features to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.


Plus, our secure digital signatures mean that contracts can be signed and executed quickly and easily, no matter where you are.

A complete Digital Escrow Solution for Capital Markets

Save time, improve communication and transparency through the Digital Escrow platform. Track live balances, store documentation, negotiate and sign contracts, improve deal processing through AI and Machine Learning. All online via your desktop or phone. 

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Digital Bond Issuance and Management

Agents can use the Digital Bond platform to enable Issuers, Lead Managers and Law firms to collaborate around the negotiation, issuance, settlement and management of digital bonds into European Debt Capital Markets. The cloud-based platform creates transparency, improves efficiency and adds control throughout the bond lifecycle.

Why Inveztor

Streamlined issuance process

A user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of issuing debt securities, automating tasks, and reducing manual work.

Compliance management

Tools to ensure regulatory compliance with relevant securities laws and regulations, including automated reporting, real-time monitoring, and built-in templates for required documentation.

Secure data storage and protection

Robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data, with encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Comprehensive analytics and customizable reporting tools to track the performance of issued debt securities and make data-driven decisions.

Portfolio management

A centralized dashboard to manage and monitor issued debt securities

Integrated communication tools

Built-in tools for communication and collaboration with investors, legal counsel, or other stakeholders involved in the issuance process

Real-time market data

Access to up-to-date market data, including interest rates, bond yields, and credit ratings, to help make informed decisions and optimize pricing strategies

Risk management

Tools to assess and manage risk exposure, including credit, interest rate, and liquidity risks associated with issuing debt securities

Document management

A centralized repository for storing and organizing documents related to debt security issuance, such as prospectuses, term sheets, or legal agreements.

Integration with existing sytems

Seamless integration with existing financial systems, such as CRM, accounting, or trading platforms, to streamline workflows and ensure data consistency.

Scalability & Customisation

A platform that can scale with the growth of the agent's business and offers customizable features to meet specific needs or preferences.

Customer support & training

Access to customer support and training resources to help agents make the most of the SaaS platform.

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