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SIBOS 2022 Recap

After a fantastic week at Sibos we at Inveztor™ thought we would recap on the themes and messages we heard throughout the week.

🤝 #Collaboration is key, both for banks and technology providers. The greatest opportunities in financial services are unlocked when everyone is able to communicate and collaborate effectively. This includes breaking down siloes, implementing open banking, integrating systems, educating, promoting standardisation and frameworks to create mutual benefits for all parties.

💻 #Digitisation is here to stay, the challenge now is interoperability across systems and building with value in mind. There was a focus on the development of #CBDC and the role of central banks as digital currencies gain traction around the world.

🦾 #Data and #Technology - it is still widely accepted that those who are able to effectively leverage data, technology and partner with FinTech will create competitive advantage - whether it be to create better experiences for clients, create insights, improve infrastructure / processing, reduce complexity or increase security.

📈 #Proof of #Value, rather than Proof of Concept was highlighted as a focus for technology companies, something we couldn’t agree with more and which seems particularly important in relation to #ESG

🌿 #ESG focus - the conference made a huge effort to highlight what was being done in this space, and what still needed to be done. Well done to Swift for everything they did to make Sibos as sustainable as possible. There is work to be done to align economic incentive with ESG values - reminded us of Mark Carney’s book Value(s). It was great to see companies like Greenomy and Radish receive a lot of interest throughout the conference!

Can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

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