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Reed Smith join InveztorConnect

We are excited to announce the team at Reed Smith LLPhave joined the Inveztor platform! Reed Smith have been instrumental in helping shape the Inveztor offering and we couldn't be happier about their involvement. Their team in London, including Paulette Mastin, Nathan Menon and Paul Regan-Mathersare well known across the market and we are absolutely delighted to have them join the platform. They have been incredibly supportive of Inveztor since the launch and it's been fantastic to see them working closely with our existing clients in the same way. We look forward to Agents and Issuers connecting with the Reed Smith team via the platform and collaborating on new and existing transactions going forwards.

Paulette commented: “We are delighted to be part of Inveztor’s growth story as it spearheads the digital transformation of debt securities management. It has been a real pleasure working with Inveztor since its launch and supporting its innovative work digitising the process of issuing and maintaining debt securities, enhancing operational functionality and connecting industry and market participants via its InveztorConnect platform."

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