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Building a Balanced Future: Inveztor's CEO on The Banker Podcast

We were thrilled to have our CEO and Founder, Katee Hunter-Sharpe, speak with Kimberley Long on The Banker podcast, hosted by the Financial Times. The conversation explored the topic of building companies with gender parity within the financial services industry.

Katee and Kimberley delved into a range of thought-provoking topics, including:

  • Navigating the Funding Landscape:  How can financial institutions better support founders from diverse backgrounds?

  • Debt Capital Markets: Exploring the potential of debt financing for businesses led by women.

  • Building Balanced Teams: Strategies for fostering inclusive and high-performing teams within finance.

  • The Founder's Journey: Katee shared her unique experiences and insights as a female entrepreneur in the financial world.

At Inveztor, we believe that gender parity is not just an aspiration, but a critical driver of innovation and success.  We were deeply inspired by the discussion on The Banker podcast, and the commitment to meaningful change it represents.

While there's still significant progress to be made, we're dedicated to continuously working towards a more balanced future for financial services. We'd like to thank Elizabeth Lumley, Kimberley Long, The Banker, and the Financial Times for their continued efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Want to learn more? Listen to the full podcast episode here

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