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Alastair Sharpe joins Inveztor as Co-Founder and CPO

Alastair Sharpe joined Inveztor Ltd today as Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer and as a Board Director.

He was previously Vice President and EMEA Head of Design & Implementation for the Trust and Agency Services business at Deutsche Bank. Alastair brings 11 years of Agency product and technology design experience from his role at Deutsche Bank. As CPO, Alastair will be responsible for the development of the Inveztor platform, product strategy and operations, as well as co-leading the business with Founder, Katee Hunter.

Alastair said 'Inveztor is such an exciting company with some incredible people involved as Directors, Advisors and Shareholders. The concept is ground-breaking and it's fantastic to be joining the company at this stage. I can't wait to get started with our clients and partners on building out the platform'.

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