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ICMA Primary Market Forum

Yesterday, Inveztor joined the ICMA - International Capital Market Association for their primary markets forum at Clifford Chance, hosted by ICMA Deputy Chair Jean Luc Lamarque. As always, a fantastic event hosted by the ICMA team with some fascinating panel discussions, key takeaways included:

Janet Henry, Global Economist for HSBC shared her insights on the current state of the #economy and #forecasts for the coming year - focusing on current #macroeconomic conditions that are impacting #inflation, #fiscal and #monetary policy. Noting that we are ‘not in a normal cycle’, the standard approach to interest rate deflation is not expected to apply, and getting back to the 2% inflation target is going to be a challenge for economies globally. Janet highlighted the dramatic technological transformation that will impact us in the coming years - and we couldn’t agree more.

Janet was followed by a panel on primary markets, with Yumi Yang, Mark Whelan, Iuliana Necula, Richard Darby-Dowman as panelists and moderated by Ruari Ewing. So many fascinating insights from this incredible panel, however one that stood out as a key theme was the need for issuers to make the most of narrow windows of time where market conditions are optimal for issuance. From an #Agent and #CorporateServiceProvider perspective, it’s clear that it is key to be as responsive and #agile as possible to support the current market requirements. Having the appropriate policies, technology and expertise could never be more important!

There was an incredibly interesting discussion on digitisation moderated by Gabriel Callsen, with panellists Alexander Tollast, Deborah Smith and Fanny Palmieri unfortunately under Chatham House rules - I’m sure if you were there you would agree it was a super panel discussion.

Rounded out by a panel focused on the changing landscape of sustainable finance. As always, incredibly important conversation and the panel all raised very different perspectives. Laurence CARON-HABIB highlighted that if clear rules, clear definitions exist, asset managers are keen to participate within this segment of the industry. Paul O'Connor highlighted the need to match bond types to company strategy, and ensuring that the company strategy is the driver for the bond structuring going forwards.

Brilliant session hosted by the ICMA, now looking forward to the #Fintech and #Digitisation forum in a couple of weeks time.

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