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Inveztor at the ICMA AGM - Paris 2023

It’s fantastic to be here in Paris for the ICMA AGM. The Agenda is packed with sessions focused on Technology, Innovation and Sustainability. With that in mind we thought we would look backwards at the history of France within Capital Markets. It seems that Paris was a great choice of host city!

With all that history, it’s fantastic to see so much progress in the market as part of this AGM and wider conference:

  • We are looking forward to hearing from Georgina Jarrett tomorrow morning on Technological Innovation in the global bond market, a topic close to our hearts and which we continue to accelerate through our collaboration with the ICMA

  • The ICMA Women’s Network continues to push for equality across the industry and we look forward to attending their event later this evening. As a female founded, and predominantly female staffed company, this agenda is close to our hearts and we are excited to keep pushing this forwards

  • As an Allen & Overy Fuse member, we are of course excited about Shruti Ajitsaria discussing everything Digital Assets on Friday

  • And of course the panel discussion tomorrow morning on ICMA's activities, including Fintech and Digitisation will be a great start to the conference agenda

If you’re here at the AGM and conference and would like to catch up please do let us know!

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