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Inveztor has Launched!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Inveztor has officially launched! We are now working with our clients to roll out the first deals on the platform.

Inveztor Launch Event 27th September 2022, Wagtail London
Inveztor Launch Event 27th September 2022, Wagtail London

The team have been working tirelessly towards the first product release, with the Escrow functionality going live on the 27th September. It’s the first module of Inveztor’s innovative deal creation and management system. We’ve partnered with the most sophisticated financial, legal and technology companies to design and deploy the platform. At the same time, we’ve incorporated feedback from leading professionals across agents, law firms and key market organisations. This feedback has been invaluable in helping us refine the product - making the process of issuing and maintaining deals more simple, efficient and collaborative. It is as a result of this market-wide feedback and support that we have seen such rapid growth, development and adoption.

We are so proud of what the team has accomplished, highlights include:

  • Successfully developed and deployed the Inveztor Escrow Agency module, incorporating multiple Escrow product types and contract structures

  • Enabled digital contract negotiation, account management and entity administration with multiple integrations and APIs

  • Partnered with Appian, the market leaders in low code application development

  • Welcomed as a new member of the International Capital Markets Association

  • Grown the team - 12 Developers and 3 Directors

To celebrate these achievements, we hosted an official Launch Event, attended by representatives from 23 companies across the industry. We would like to thank all of our guests for attending and being part of this exciting milestone!

Inveztor Launch Event 27th September 2022, Wagtail London
Inveztor Launch Event 27th September 2022, Wagtail London

What is Inveztor?

Inveztor™ is a simple, efficient and collaborative platform for issuing and maintaining deals within Debt Capital Markets. Agents, law firms and key participants have different priorities and perspectives when working on a deal. The Inveztor platform aligns deal teams, enabling them to work together in a real-time environment. The system automates administration, simplifies workflows and centralises transaction information, leading to a transformational end-to-end experience for all involved. Inveztor has combined innovations in Financial and Legal Technology along with industry leading expertise to create the deal management platform.

How Can I Get in Touch?

We welcome conversation, thoughts, questions or ideas. If you would like to find out more about Inveztor - please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

A: 25 Eccleston Place, London SW1W 9NF

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