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Inveztor in the US - the start of things to come!

Exciting times at Inveztor!

Just wrapped up an incredible trip to the #UnitedStates, and it's been nothing short of inspiring! The travel over the last few weeks has paved the way for some big news that we can't wait to share with you all soon. Stay tuned for exciting updates! Here's a quick recap of the journey:

Money20/20#LasVegas: We kicked off at the US edition of Money 2020 in Las Vegas. Immersed in discussions, trends, and innovation, we were energized by the transformative ideas. Huge focus on AI and applications throughout DCM. Fantastic to hear and meet with Ryan Rugg - learning more about Citi tokenized cash deposits, to discuss the latest trends in #Fintech with Jeff Tijssen, Sophia Bantanidis and Peter Hazlehurst. Always good to listen to the team at Plaid, this time from CEO Zachary Perret

#SanFrancisco and #SiliconValley: We then headed to the tech hubs of San Francisco and Silicon Valley for numerous meetings with industry leaders and pioneers. The exchange of ideas was priceless and we can’t wait to talk about some incredible initiatives that have been kicked off - especially those around #InveztorAI!

#NewYork: In the Big Apple, we had the privilege of meeting with valued clients and partners, including engaging discussions with the #BritishConsulate and a visit to the United Nations. Strengthening international ties and collaborations while preparing for expansion into the US!

#DCFintechWeek, #WashingtonDC: The grand finale was at DC Fintech Week in Washington DC. We had the honor of hearing insights from luminaries like #MichaelBarr, Vice President of the #FederalReserve, who shared valuable perspectives on policy, fintech, and regulation in the US. Highlight of the conference for us was undoubtedly the discussion with Seke Ballard, hearing his story of building Good Tree Capital. If you want to know how to tell a story about a company that everyone can relate to and support - listen to Seke describe what he’s doing! Chris Brummer has curated a fantastic conference and we can’t wait for next year!

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