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Inveztor releases first Bond platform

The team at Inveztor are delighted to announce the first launch of our new Bond platform. Building on the success of the Digital Escrow offering, this innovative platform helps Agents to facilitate the issuance and maintenance of bonds and bond portfolios.

"We are thrilled to introduce this game-changing product to the debt capital markets," said Katee Hunter, CEO of Inveztor. "Our platform revolutionizes the way issuers, law firms, and agents collaborate to issue and manage bonds, making the process more efficient, collaborative, and transparent. By incorporating the ICMA's Common Data Dictionary, we ensure compatibility with industry standards, providing seamless integration and fostering interoperability within the market."

The new platform allows deal teams to come together around the negotiation, issuance and management of a Bond within Debt Capital Markets. The dramatic improvements to efficiency, collaboration and transparency are achieved through the following features:

  • Bond record creation and management

  • A fully secure, connected platform for everyone in the deal working group

  • Digital contract negotiation and collaboration incorporating AI & machine learning

  • KYC management and status tracking

  • Task allocation and management

  • Fully secure and permissioned Virtual Data Room

  • Account opening and management with live balances and transactions from integrated account providers

  • Fully auditable records with all compliance information captured as standard

  • Issuer website for investor reporting

  • Compliant with ISO 27001 Information Security standards

We can’t wait to keep iterating with this product, with regular releases planned over the rest of the year. We look forward to announcing partnerships and integrations in due course which will add further connectivity and functionality for our clients and the deal teams that they are part of.

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